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Finding Happiness in Solitude

This is my favorite topic to write on – it has to do with the ‘self’!

We are always taught at home and school how important it is to stay connected and maintain your relationships with your family and those around you. How people should stick together when any event happens and support each other. When we are extremely social we often tend to forget ourselves. Our thinking and living is highly influenced by other people at social events. We tend to get carried away, that is a fact! But, what if we start to acknowledge ourselves first and live by our own thoughts and influence our own self?

Sometimes, you need to look at life from another point of view!

By this, I really don’t mean that everyone should start living by themselves surrounded by none. But, striking a balance between the connectivity with ‘us’ and ‘others’ – is ideal!

In my personal life, I’ve been shouted many a times for not going out with friends and family only to sit back at home and do simply do nothing. But deep within what I really do is I sit back and connect more with myself which is what makes me happy. I think a little time with just ‘yourself’ is always blissful! No – That doesn’t mean that I just sit by myself and always stay aloof, but I include this as a necessity to do for my own good.

I may sound a bit mean and selfish but once you start to really accept and understand yourself along with the happiness you gain, I’m certain you will also try to remove some ‘ME-time’. It works wonderfully well!

When I’m in solitude from all the hustle-bustle and people hovering around, for certain I become more self-aware, I feel a sense of more connectivity with myself and hence I’m able to –

  • Analyze and accept myself more,
  • Focus better,
  • Be less anxious and more relaxed,
  • Get to know about my weaknesses,
  • Think deeper and with greater clarity,
  • Reconnect with others in a more positive and welcoming manner,
  • Find my self-esteem elevate,
  • Feel more energetic, and
  • Automatically see a rise in self-love quotient.

When in this state, my mind questions me a lot but the best part is I find the answers to those questions all by myself and the solution gained is very much satisfactory. My mental health overall feels so rejuvenated, everything seems so easy and it feels that I’ve so much within me and have discovered myself.

Personally, spending ‘ME-time’ helps me engage in a simple life & this is what I truly enjoy the most! Being in solitude does not always mean sad, lonely or, depressed, in fact such kind of solitariness is the happy version of your-self. 🙂

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