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Forgiveness Heals and How

It is estimated that a large number of problems in life come from our relationships with other people.

The negative emotions like anger and guilt are associated with the other person(s) and their actions of what they have already done or, what they are doing at the moment or, what they might end up doing. But the remedy for all the anger, guilt, and other negative emotions that have gradually settled and constantly deepening within us is purely FORGIVENESS! As we all know, forgiveness is easier said than done! This is true but – it’s not impossible.

Forgiveness is the act of letting GO – all emotional, mental, personal sufferings and victimization in order to heal thyself. Forgiveness has nothing to do with another person who might have treated you bitterly, unkindly and/or cruelly. It is a perfectly “selfish” (it is completely okay to be so) act – in which you set yourself free by forgiving others truly from both, within and outwardly.

The trick to do so requires intelligence, effort, willingness, courage, and it is surprisingly “achievable” – instead of reminding yourself about the unkind things the other person did to hurt you, you instead forgive, bless, and let go. Each time an individual makes you feel angry/hurt instead of you thinking/doing back tit-for-tat, breathe slowly – and ask Lord to bless that person, you’ve forgiven that person and, you wish them well. Sooner than later, constantly performing such an act will eventually be developed into a habit and thereby, bringing much ‘peace and happiness’ to self. (Hey! who does not want ‘that’ in life?)

How to do so?

Have a conversation or begin writing a letter (may be a lengthy one, and that is absolutely fine) – to bring out all that’s soaked inside you.

A simple rule in life –

If anyone has done any wrong, unkind, or mean act towards you, you simply speak it out with him/her and scream if you want to but convey what has hurt you and why are you mad at that person.

If the other individual is uncooperative with this action of yours then you simply write a letter and post it or type out an email describing all that you would have said and just hit enter without reading it back and forth (make sure the person is in touch with the email accounts on a regular basis).

At the end of it, remember to forgive, bless, and let go truly.

Note: PLEASE do not silently hope for a reply each time with every person. By doing so, even is the opposite person doesn’t bother to reply back you have done your job and engaged in a cathartic session by just doing that – you’ll feel good! 🙂

Lastly, look within yourself. If you’ve hurt someone ever – seek for forgiveness, APOLOGISE!

Just remember – forgiveness ‘heals’.

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