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Reading Rewards

So you bought a book or became a member of the nearest library and don’t find the time or need to utilize it? Well you should begin considering to make good use of it.

Here’s why

Reading, the process of seeing characters/symbols and being able to comprehend with meaning to it is the best source of understanding the world and our self. Have a look at your book-shelf; don’t let it get ruined by coating & re-coating it with dust particles. Instead, acknowledge the bright side about those binds.

No matter what subject and choice of book you wish to read, the end result is going to bring a smile of content within and of course, the amount of knowledge gained by just reading is enormous!

The benefits of simply reading regularly can itself empower you to read more, and more…

  1. Powerful cognitive stimulation: There is no doubt that the human brain requires exercise for the mind in order to keep it well maintained, healthy, and resourceful. Well, one of the easiest and rich filled form of exercise is READING! When you read you not only learn new words but, keep it active and also prevent your brain from losing its power. Some studies have observed that by keeping the brain active can slow the progress of or possibly prevent Dementia & Alzheimer’s.
  2. Empowers knowledge; and vocabulary elasticity: The easiest form of learning is reading. When you read you come across and learn many words altogether and gain knowledge as everything you read imprints in your head and it gets loaded with great source of information. You never know when you might need this knowledge and at that time you will thank yourself for having been read about it in some book, newspaper, article, just about anywhere.

When you read, you enable elasticity mode with your knowledge and vocabulary too. As you come across the many words you learn you are bound to make use of it in your everyday vocabulary. Vocabulary comes handy all the time and in all kinds of situations that you face or are stuck in. Well-handled talks are the ones people escape with and most importantly leaving by a great impact on others. Well, who does not want to leave an impact on the society? So speak well, always!

Knowledge will always remain with you, even if other things get empty from your life. Even the poorest man when gains knowledge becomes the richest just with the use of the knowledge stored in their minds.

  1. Possibly become an author/script-writer: There is knowledge and vocabulary is good too! The next step which can be accompanied is writing skills. As we learn, read, encode it in our minds, we definitely can become an author or a blogger at least. In today’s tech-empowered time that we are in, we can create our name and become richer too just by writing good. Be it a web-blog, Journalism, news-readers, newspaper articles, lyricist, short stories for plays/films, script-writing, and any profession that leads to writing/reading is in your hands. Taking out time to read and write is the best utilization of time!
  2. Improves attention, focus, concentration; Reduces stress: At times, we all face symptoms of ADD. While at work or home we multi-task or at least try to and find ourselves to be unable to complete every task involved in our multi-tasking business. When you read – you eventually are focused straight onto the books and attention is just into the story/content of what’s written. This act when inculcated on a regular basis will help you to at least try to remain focused even while performing other tasks.

Whoever gives you what so ever amount of stress, when you open a good book and READ, everything else is forgotten! Also your memory improves. So why not read?

Some key points about reading

  • Accessibility is easier if you are a member of the library in your area. No storing of books at home, the number of choices are many, also weekly/monthly there are new books available so you can never get bored nor run out of stock thinking what to read.
  • Self-help books have shown to improve symptoms of mood disorders and mild mental illnesses.

With such great benefits for our own selves, and easy accessibility – it’s time to begin NOW to start reading. After all, Reading Rewards!

  • For new beginners, start slow, one-at-a-time.
  • The categories are many – pick up and just read.
  • Even a regular reading for 20-30 minutes is sufficient.
  • For existing readers, keep up with the act of reading.

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