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Mindset – Your SUPERPOWER!!

From birth to death we all go through several stages in life, each with their own pros and cons. However, there are a few constants in everyone’s life, such as the ability to experience, accomplish goals (no matter how big or small) and most importantly the freedom to live life.

Despite the freedom to live life on our own terms we choose to live based on comparisons and number of accomplishments. We almost always feel dissatisfied with what we have and who we are. We are in the pursuit of more! We always have bigger dreams and more wants. We feel we lack something and trying very hard to fill up this imaginary void.

With each accomplishment another one waits to be achieved. PHEW! With so many goals/wants/dreams even a whole lifetime feels insufficient to many!

Do our achievements really define us?

Let’s get this straight – It’s just the attitude of an individual towards life that defines them.

We already know that our mind has amazing power and the ability to change anything. But what’s as important as your mind, is your MINDSET.

Yes – “All that matters is the MINDSET”.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all do end up with some sort of super powerful idea(s) may be, sooner or later. An idea of deeply analysing the mind-set (beliefs about self and self-ability) and de-fragmenting the whole into two broad streams – Fixed and Growth Mind-sets was that of Carol Dweck’s (PhD., a world-renowned Psychologist, & an author).

  • In a fixed mindset, individuals have a strong belief that their basic qualities and abilities – like the talent, intelligence, character, and creative ability are constant traits that are given to one and cannot be changed/altered/developed in any meaningful way under any circumstances. People with such a mindset have a tendency to avoid challenges, give up easily when faced with any obstacles, intake criticism mostly in a negative frame, feel threatened by the success of others, and view their own efforts as pointless and end up doing what is just told to them without their own thinking caps on. They have a desire to look smart, that’s it. They are able to achieve what they want but it’s always lesser than their entire potential.
  • In a growth mindset, individuals sink in the belief that their basic qualities and abilities – like mentioned earlier, can be developed/altered/changed and expand with an addition of required amount of hard work, dedication, and learning with complete enthusiasm. People with this kind of mindset have a great desire to learn from self, mistakes and others. They are likely to learn from all given criticism, embrace challenges, find ways to overcome obstacles that they encounter, gain inspiration from the success of others, try their best to do even if it’s a small task, view and put in effort as a road to succeed with mastery. In return, these help them reach higher levels of achievement, understand their own potential and gain happiness from within which lasts in abundance.

And hey, happiness is what we all seek for! So…

  1. What’s your mindset?
  2. Which one do you think will be beneficial for you?

No matter who you are or your goals, a clear understanding of your mindset is what you need. Everything else is in vain if you don’t have a clear mindset!

Understand the MindSet – it’s Your SUPERPOWER!!

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