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Talk Therapy Helps!

Making that call to schedule your first session with a therapist can seem a little daunting.

You have rehearsed the issue over again in your head but haven’t come to any solution. Perhaps even discussed it with your friends and family, put their advice in practice and have not noticed any changes in your life.

Why should you seek help from a professional?

Do they really know what they’re talking about?

How can they help you with a problem they are not facing?

Recognising you have a problem to deal with is the first and most important step to recovery. However, the one to follow is making a concrete initiative to discuss and work on the problem.

We often feel that we can handle it all with just a little help from our friends. While this can work most of the time, there are moments when things go a little crazy and we need someone outside our circle to talk to.

Below are a few reasons, I feel talking to someone outside my circle helps:

Thinking Aloud: Putting your thoughts into words gives meaning to your thoughts. Our mind can travel faster than the speed of light but when we talk we slow down and collect these thoughts to string into sentences. Stringing these thoughts together provides me with clarity on my situation and the actions that need to follow. The clarity I achieve from talking to someone is far greater than what I get by just thinking. This helps me address and dissect my problems verbally thereby giving me clarity on my issue.

Release: I like talking to someone who does not have a preconceived notion of me. Someone who can hear me out and understand my situation for what it is. Not jumping to conclusions based on the past but listens to me and understands where I am coming from. This form of non-judging and non-know-it-all attitude provides me with the freedom  to verbalise every thought that races through my mind. The freedom to speak allows me to set all the stressful thoughts free, providing me with a release.

Bias: Speaking to a person outside my circle ensures me that the person does not hate me or love me. They are free from any kind of bias. The neutral position they are in really helps me in understand my situation better and gives a fresh perspective on things.

Custom-made: Most therapist research a lot, they are constantly understanding and adapting the most effective therapy for each personality. They understand that what works for me may not work for you and custom make your therapy. Sometimes our friends and families do not truly understand this and enforce changes that may not necessarily be beneficial to us.

If things are getting a little crazy for you and you need someone outside your circle to speak to, you should. Don’t hesitate to make a call to a therapist. It’s important to be heard before things fester and get worse.

A good chat with a therapist can leave you feeling a lot lighter and in better control of the situation and the actions to follow.

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