Mental Health at Workplace

‘MENTAL HEALTH in the WORKPLACE’ is the theme for the World Mental Health Day, 2017, which falls every year on October 10. This year it falls on a Tuesday -which is a working weekday, and the theme so apt!

The objective of the world mental health day is basically to create awareness across the globe, about and around mental health – be it minor or major, mild or intense. It is a day of opportunity to provide real and effective information on how people can take care of their own and others mental health, no matter whatever small way they can help in to make it a reality, worldwide. Many organizations hold a mental health march/walk; have group sessions; conduct workshops, dramas, music shows; distribute pamphlets; and much more in order to spread awareness on mental health.

An individual’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional wellbeing is what exactly is ‘mental health’. Let’s take a pledge and not restrict this to just October 10, but also continue throughout the year and years to come by in the smallest possible manner, step-by-step.

Remember everyone matters and thus, everyone’s #mentalhealthmatters!

Recently, a lot has been spoken about and read on mental health at the workplace. Work stress takes a toll on the members as they are helping you out everyday to achieve your aims, motives and goals to reach another higher level. Sometimes, rather may be a lot of times, you’d wish if your boss would let you take a break just so that your mind is not feeling fresh today. May be you won’t even bother asking your authority for this, just because – who does give a leave like that? Also more of – Who takes a break so that the mind gets refreshed? Silly of me to even raise a question like that. All thanks to the stigma associated with mental health care. Isn’t it so silly to remove the mind from the human body when it comes to care? What is the human without the mind? If that is not taken care of how will you function your thought processes. But, still the stigma is more important than SELF CARE.

But how many people work under such settings that the authority is aware about   what is mental health and how it feels like undergoing through mental health conditions such as anxiety and/or depression?

Well here are some signs to notice that your coworkers need help with or are struggling with mental health issues. These are often unspoken about, unshared, and not understood as keenly when asked for a break/leave by the person undergoing through stress, anxiety, depression, obsessiveness, intolerable tension, etc.

  1. Do you feel any change in your staff workers?
  2. Does anyone struggle with meeting deadlines?
  3. Do you notice any staff member taking frequent breaks to smoke?
  4. Do you find anyone not eating/eating too less, or overeating during his or her breaks, and else time?
  5. Is any one behaving differently with you or your co-workers?

If you notice any of these changes in any person, the boss must have a short meeting with that member of the staff and if he/she is unwilling to speak about it then must ask any colleagues about that person. This shows consideration about the person, which many work places often neglect.

Once the authority figure talks to his coworkers that he cares and knows about the mental health of both his own as well as his staff members, they will fare better at work performance. Never be harsh and do not make fun, when a person says that he or she needs a break or leave to heal their minds and come back refreshed. Be flexible and considered with others when it comes to their mental health. Make your workplace, the workplace that cares and is dedicated to the staff’s mental health conditions too, along with physical health. By doing so, your workplace members will be happy which in turn will lead to a better progress for your company.

To make things easier, talk about mental health openly at the start of every week or month and have a professional help care in mental health to guide you and your staff on the same. With the help of a mental health professional – conduct sessions, psychometric tests, and talks on the importance of one’s mental health and its care at your workplace. This will also let your staff open up and speak about how do they feel when they face similar mental health needs.

Lets create a better and healthier workplace environment – One that is mental health friendly too. It is a rare concept – just try it! A little care will lead to a major success! What more can one ask for? All you need to do is –

Think about yourself…Think about your mental health…Stay focused…Stay active…Stay happy 🙂

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