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Only Conversation that Matters

Can you hear it?

You know that conversation playing in the background… it is about you. That conversation affects you, it’s a judgment about you, it evaluates you, it motivates you, and above all, it changes the way you perceive yourself.

That conversation is your conversation with your self, your self-talk.


Your self-talk is constantly going on in the background, when you get ready for work, during work, when you are with your friends and even before you go to sleep. Sometimes, this self-talk, is filled with encouraging words but at times it is filled with words that leave you dejected.


Just as brushing your teeth every morning has become an important basic part of your daily routine, having a positive self-talk too should become an important basic part of your daily routine.


Here are some daily rituals that will ensure your self-talk always remains positive and encouraging.


Post-it – post it notes were created to act as reminders and there is no better reminder than focusing on the positive. Post them everywhere!


Not versus Do – Remove the NOT and replace it with DO. Focusing on things you do not want has no benefit, but focusing on things you do want is extremely beneficial. Gather your energy and focus it on increasing the good you want to create in your life. Do not waste your energy on avoiding the things you do not want.

Tip: List out the things you want, and then create action steps to achieve it.


Gratitude for your self – Spend the last few minutes of your day listing out 3 things about yourself and about your day. Make a mental note of appreciation and appreciate YOU and your environment.


Remember, the key to positive self-talk is to practice it everyday; it must be consistent. This also allows you to adopt a healthier lifestyle and helps reduce stress. Focusing on the positive is focusing on the good within you and around you, and there is plenty of that!






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