Avoiding Mr. Scrooge this Christmas

It’s the season to be jolly!

Yes, the time to indulge has finally arrived. It’s time to celebrate Christmas and New Year. This festive season brings with it loads of goodies! From its infectious Christmas cheer, beautifully lit streets, Christmas markets, X-mass trees and the merry laugh of good ole Santa; everyone feels a bit more jolly during Christmas! 

This season demands everyone does their best to have fun. However, for some “the demand to have fun exceeds the fun they actually have“, and alas they begin to stress and despise the season like horrid ole Mr. Scrooge.

No one wants to be Scrooge!

So, we at TTC came up with a list of ways to ensure you don’t get caught being Mr. Scrooge and enjoy spreading the Christmas cheer!

  1. Fix a BUDGET – Prepare a season budget and stick with it! Don’t take loans, steal or cheat (it makes you feel terrible at the end of it). You don’t want to find yourself on Santa’s naughty list!

Don’t overspend to please those around your or try to fill up voids. Give little things to pamper yourself or others rather than gifting large items and carrying a heavy debt through the next year ahead. It feels better to know you stuck to a budget.

You should know your limits and stick to it always makes sense! There is happiness in little things – visit and spend time with someone you care, it holds a lot of value.

  1. How do you want to celebrate this season? PLAN well!

Make lists, assign duties and delegate!

Wisely choose your group size, is it a large or a small group? Can you manage entertaining x number of people?

Remember it is OKAY to say ‘NO’ to those tasks that you know won’t be possible for you to perform. You know yourself better. Share the work with all the members so that you don’t feel the stress and those around you don’t either. It keeps everyone at ease!

  1. D-I-Y Power – Make easy, handmade cards and other articles for decor and gifts. (Pinterest is a great place to find easy DIY items)

Start preparing these items a little before. A few extra tags won’t cause much effort (if unused this year, use the same for the next to come). Keeps things simple! This shall save you the extra expenses, stress and trouble. Thus, making you achieve self-made happiness which is fantastic, go try it!

  1. TIME your self – Preparing for everything can make you forget yourself. But, setting small and realistically achievable goals is it key to not lose yourself.

Set daily/weekly tasks with time limits and stick to it. Don’t extend beyond the designated hour or two, remember this is meant to be fun.

Don’t forget the essence of Christmas is to have fun, do things that make you happy everyday!

  1. Don’t forget the BASICS – Avoid binge eating. Don’t drink too much. Get enough sleep. Stay humble. And don’t forget to put a smile on your face – it’s the best makeup you ever need!

Eat everything that makes you happy, but remember small portions. Prepare items using more natural ingredients and have small plates for your meals. Try limiting your indulgence in fattening and sugary foodstuffs.

Lastly, ENJOY what ‘you’ do! It gives the brain pleasure and the heart satisfaction. Thereby, keeping stress at minimum.

Wishing you a Merry & lively Christmas followed by a great New Year!

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