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Black Monster meet Me

Sometimes an image can depict a thousand emotions, well I came across one that depicted me. It was in a cartoon strip, the character had a small black demon pet in their hand. As the strip proceeded, the black demon kept growing up to become a monster, from their lap to sitting on their shoulders, to covering them like a shawl, to finally consuming them completely

If you know what I’m talking about, chances are you too have such a pet demon.
I know cause I had such a pet too. 

I don’t remember when I got stuck with it, but I know that it had nearly consumed me. Took over every aspect of my life. And when they cover you, it’s all dark. It took a lot of willpower to even admit it was there. But when I finally admitted, it’s grip started loosening over me.

When I woke up from the daze it had over me, I decided to fight back.

In this story I was the hero, in the end, I had to face it alone. But not while preparing for the fight.

I took help.
I spoke to my parents, who pledged their unwavering support to me.
I went for Professional treatment to help me get stronger for my battle.
Got the support of a therapist who helped me find my way through the darkness.
And I had some great friends who were my companion in this quest.

But when the final battle started it was me and the monster in the ring of fire.

Every time I fell, my support system helped me get up again. It’s a battle like no other because as I keep fighting it, I grew stronger than before and the monster gets weaker. And I’m still fighting it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a long battle but after few initial rounds you finally figure out the ‘tell’ of that monster, you can start predicting it’s moving and you have a support system which keeps helping you with strategies to counter those moves. At one point the monster becomes weak, so weak that you can start fending its attacks with a wave of your hand.

So for anyone who has been carrying that black monster with you, fight it. 
Fight for yourself, and Never Give Up. 

Triumphant Traveller with Depression and Bipolar Disorder type 2 since 17years.

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