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Week #4 – Women who Advocate for Mental Health

Fourth in our series of women who advocate for mental health is Neuropsychologist Jasdeep Mago. Based in Mumbai, Jasdeep earned her degree in the United Kingdom and now is a co-founder of the organisation ‘Invisible Illness’ along with Jay Punjabi. The organization is dedicated to raising the right kind of awareness for all things Mental Health and includes conducting various training workshops, therapy, seminars, and online awareness on social media platforms. She takes enormous steps and is proactive in promoting awareness and facts on suicide prevention and mental health.

Jasdeep Mago is one of the few Neuropsychologists in Mumbai. In 2015, she set up her own practice – The Silver Lining - to better the healthcare for patients suffering from Dementia and Stroke. However, her experience showed her that the need for awareness surpassed her personal practice. Unfortunately, the realization struck after her dear friend had committed suicide. This led to the formation of, Invisible Illness, an organisation founded by Jasdeep Mago and Jay Punjabi to raise awareness about the leading causes of suicide in India. With this they aim to not only destigmatize mental health issues but also provide reliable and affordable solutions for the same to corporates, schools and colleges. In the past year they have delivered over 30 workshops, seminars and events in schools, colleges, workplaces and even cafes. They has also successfully set up a subsidized mental wellness clinic with the Rotary Club of Bombay West wherein they offer psychiatric treatment and counselling.

Compassionate, optimistic, and unstoppable!

We started Invisible Illness in 2017 after a close friend of ours committed suicide. The ripple effect of that catastrophic loss was what woke us up from our slumber. We realised that everyone around us was not very sensitive towards mental illnesses and didn’t understand them. At that point my mission was clear to me.

Motivation is something I have struggled with a lot. For me, my personal struggle with clinical depression and anxiety has been my biggest driving force. No one should suffer the same pain I did. That’s the thought I wake up with every day.

Jay and I have been good friends for years. We have a lot of disagreements however our mission is the same so they don’t last long. At the end of the day it’s about how to make mental health a priority for all.

I have a very indulgent skin care routine which I love doing and spend alot of time on it as well. I also chant daily which is my way of giving back to my inner self. Workouts have always been important to me.

I think two issues that are hugely ignored are post partum depression which takes place in mothers post delivery. It is a very pressing issue and needs more attention. Secondly, mental health issues related to hormonal imbalances that are caused by PCOS, thyroid, menstrual cycles etc.
The first thing we all can do is be more aware and educated about this. Read more regarding these female centric concerns so that when it does take place we are informed and aware.

Compassion is key. Who can understand the struggles of a woman better than another woman?
Just show some compassion to each other.

In my opinion mental health India has a bright future even though it may have a long way to go. Also, professionals in our field will make sure we go to all lengths to make mental health a basic necessity and priority in India.


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