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My gf found my password and logged into my email

My girlfriend and I have been together for 6 months, and she has asked for my password but I choose not to tell her. I want to maintain some level of privacy in this relationship. However, she figured out my password (I have it written on the notes in my phone). Logged in and read my old emails with my ex girlfriend. I don't know what to do.

Confused and Cheated

My first question is what do you want to do? Are there things you can do? Do you want to do something about it? Well, if you clearly stated you do not want to share passwords and maintain a level of privacy, that request should be requested. However, you need to ask her why she choose to log into your account and go back through your emails. Does she not trust you? Is she working through trauma of her previous relationships? Does she feel insecure, why? There is a lot of questions you need to think over and then ask her. However, nothing is more important than asking yourself how do you feel about being with someone who did not respect a request of privacy. I know relationships are tricky especially with the ease of connecting with multiple people online, but the foundation of any relationship has and remains trust.

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