Dear Therapist

My WFH is only Work!

I know I have to be grateful that I have a paying job with no salary cuts but truth be told it's getting extremely stressful! I feel the only thing I'm doing is working from home. When I look online all I see are my friends posting these recipes of mug cakes and banana bread, and I dont get to cause I'm only working. I too want to have some fun at home during the lockdown but all i get is work. See I get it, I'm grateful for my job, irritated cause my friends have all the fun and confused cause I dont know what to do!

Confused & Stressed

The WFH situation is definitely stressful and it does not come with a manual. I know there are a few organizations that are pushing their teams to work under the guise of “different times and we have to do everything we can to stay afloat”.
Well, to stay afloat means to be resilient, especially during these times, and at the base of resilience is continuity, consistency and not burning out. This is where responsibility shifts to you!
– You need to be realistic about what you can and cannot take on.
– Learn to set clear boundaries at work with time and responsibility. This means knowing getting comfortable with saying “no”. I understand guilt and fear may set in but I rather be certain of what I can do and deliver a 100% than take on things I cannot do and under deliver.
– If you need a break in the afternoon, account for that and rework your schedule to either begin earlier or end later.
– Speak to your team and manager about your emotional health. If need be, ask the organization to support you in seeking professional mental health support.
– Limit your time on social media. If your work requires you to spend time on social media, create two separate accounts; the work one will naturally not have any of your friends and only work related content.
– Exercise for 20 minutes, sleep for 7 continuos hours and eat healthy!

While I do get FOMO is a real thing but you can always do the mug cakes, banana bread, and fancy past recipes for the weekend. Prioritize your physical, emotional and financial health.

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Priyanka Varma Clinical Psychologist
She believes emotional and mental health care are at the very core of us experiencing happiness in our life. Her qualifications include a Masters in Clinical Psychology and in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Priyanka enjoys working with young adults and understanding life as it changes with intrusions like the internet and the pandemic. Above everything else her true love is homemade chocolate cake.

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