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DIY Mental Health Tips

DIY Mental Health Tips!

We illustrated some self-care exercises that you can re-create to aid you in your journey of self-love. These fun, and easy to use exercises can be used together or selected as per your preference. 

Mental Health Tips
Mental Health care can be engaging and fun. Just as we go take care of our physical health with creative exercise and cute gummy vitamins, similarly we can take care of our mental health in interesting and innovative ways. Mental health care is as important, if not more important than your physical health care. Engaging in mental health care opens doors to a mindful life where you reduce your feelings of stress, worry and sadness and are able to engage a 100% in the moment. Being able to do so ensures you make the most of your life, and are always able to make the best decision for yourself.


All these images have been illustrated by the super talented psychologist @memesaab

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