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Week #11 Women who Advocate for Mental Health

Mansi Psychotherapy

Mansi poddar is a psychotherapist who helps people find mental health through a holistic mind body spirit approach.

She is a New York University graduate who evolved her clinical training to include a social justice approach blended with contemplative practices and philosophy.

Her hope for each client is they discover their own healing power as she supports them on their journey towards health and wellbeing .

– Honest & Dedicated

I’ve been working as an individual psychotherapist since 2010. In 2017 I decided to expand my practice to include young therapists looking for a platform. My hope for Mansitherapy was quality therapy which moved away from the medicalisation and clinicalisation of human suffering. I feel mental health needs to move away from a clinical model to a heart model. Therapy needs heart and that is my vision for the space. 

The days I feel demotivated, which are plenty! I ask myself “ who would be worse off if my work didn’t exist?” Plus I understand that motivation is moody, if I keep waiting for motivation I might just be sitting on my balcony drinking chai mostly! 

This  is a challenge for me. Recently with the help of a therapist I’m learning how to practice self care. Earlier it was about being with children, working out, eating well. But what I didn’t realise is self care also needs to “feel” good vs only being what is good

The biggest challenge facing is patriarchy And toxic masculinity in homes. I think it’s essential we start at a school level on gender sensitivity and EQ training. To start working with parents on these topics. Raising as much awareness as we can.

I feel women need to assess their internalised patriarchy and how it impacts other women. To stop competing and start collaborating.

I would hope we can retain some of our traditional philosophies and yogic practices which are priceless when dealing with mental health. The good news is- awareness will only increase and more people will start advocating and reaching out for support. However, I see an extremely medicalised and clinical approach to mental health which starts a vicious cycle of furthering human suffering and stigmatising mental health. 

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