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Week #12 Women who Advocate for Mental Health

Women who Advocate for Mental Health
Adishi Gupta is a writer, editor and educator who is often found hiding behind books. She is passionate about issues related to gender, mental health and our rather complex emotional worlds. She is the co-founder of Mental Health Talks India and the founder of Letters of Kindness.

Empowering through Education

Mental Health Talks India existed in our imagination way before it actually came alive for the world to see. Having faced a lot of stigma around her own mental health issues, Ayushi decided to create this platform as a way of expressing her own inner turmoil and raising awareness around mental health in India at the same time. Both Adishi and Ayushi have their own experiences of living with mental health issues. They found no space in which the voices of people with the lived experience of mental health issues was raised or heard. As a result, MHTI came into being as a labour of combined love.

Unfortunately, I would not say that I feel motivated every day. Mostly, it is just about taking it one day at a time.

Owing to the many interpretations and meanings of self-care, I am not sure if I can call it that, but I just try to keep myself engaged in things that help me centre myself. Some of those things are reading, writing, colouring, listening to music and podcasts and watching my comfort shows and movies (mostly romantic comedies! ;))

Because of my difficult relationship with my boundaries, I also try to be present to how some conversations make me feel, trust my judgement and reaffirm my boundaries whenever needed. This is not something that is easy for me to do at all, but I think it is one of my most important acts of self-care.

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