Crossword: Financial Anxiety

Financial Anxiety during COVID-19

Uncertainty and insecurity are emotions most of us have been feeling during the pandemic. These feelings have been triggered by the changes in economic conditions globally. However, approaching our financial healthy with anxiety is ineffective.

Effective decisions, including financial decisions, must be taken from a place of clarity of thought. We ran a campaign on our Instagram page in collaboration with Inner Goddess to increase awareness on financial anxiety and healthy ways to approach it.

For hints to the crossword you can refer to our Instagram campaign.



1. When anxious you frequently experience disturbances with your
2. When anxious your heart starts to beat faster it's called
3. When you have too any thoughts going on
4. Shopping without putting thought into it is an example of
5. Overthinking without clarity causes
6. Collecting toilet rolls is an example of
7. When anxious you experience a lack of energy also called
8. Not talking about a troubling thought is
9. Never having enough is reflective of this type of mindset
10. Financial anxiety is associated with this feeling

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