Caring for Dementia

Well being, for many, is state of having a sense agency, hope, confidence and self esteem. Well being is perceived in a similar manner by people living with dementia.They wish to enjoy a purposeful life,filled with meaningful activity,comfortable environment and most importantly to feel loved.

Being diagnosed with dementia does not mean that the person has to stop doing activities that they enjoy or their sense of purpose can no longer exist.With appropriate care and  support people with dementia can continue to live a life of quality.  Since impaired judgement,communication is part and parcel of dementia,it is crucial that person with dementia is provided safe and positive environment to live well with dementia.

However, the reality is that over time as the disease progresses the person with Dementia becomes less capable of managing things independently. It becomes the carer’s responsibility to ascertain the safety of the individual.






People with dementia want the same things that we all do: to live with comfort and a sense of identity, to feel loved and to enjoy a purposeful life, filled with meaningful activity – good dementia care should support these aspirations to be realized. They need to be assured that the reality they are experiencing is perfectly normal, and accepted. The specific care and support that people with dementia require depends upon the needs of the individual, and may include supporting their physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs. ‘Person-centred care’, which focuses on achieving an understanding of the person being supported, their cognitive abilities, as well as their life history, can often bring out the best in people with dementia.

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