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Covid-19 Resource for People Living Alone or Away from Loved Ones

Living alone or away from your loved ones during the lockdown can create a sense of hopelessness and frustration over a situation that may not necessarily be in anyone’s control. There are a few things that might make this experience easier to cope with:

  • Online games, video call sessions with friends/loved ones can always help especially when you’re feeling down, these don’t have to be lengthy calls.
  • You can also start sharing gratitude lists at the end of the day with family or friends or partner
  • There are two ways to overcome loneliness induced due to the lack of human connection: nurture your existing relationships or form new ones. Reflect on your current state of social health and then take one digital action to deepen it—such as getting in touch with a friend or family member you haven’t spoken with in a while—or to broaden it—such as reaching out to someone you’d like to get to know.
  • Spouses who are living away from each other can schedule video dates, where they have lunch/dinner over video call, while having gone the normal extent of dressing up, and engaging with each other as they would on a proper date.
  • Those living alone can also have an ongoing skype or duo meetings as they go about their day/working. The banter can be sustained in this manner.
  • Another way to remain connected is to create personalised bingo templates for your friends groups or family groups, and see how each person fares. You can go online and create your own here.

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