• Dementia

    Caring for Dementia

    Well being, for many, is state of having a sense agency, hope, confidence and self esteem. Well being is perceived in a similar manner by people living with dementia.They wish to enjoy a purposeful life,filled with meaningful activity,comfortable environment and…

  • Dementia and Normal Aging

    Dementia vs Normal Ageing

    Dementia, a collective term, used to describe a progressive cognitive decline is usually observed in the elderly. This syndrome affects one’s activities of daily living, behavior and cognitive ability. While some symptoms of dementia are similar to normal aging, the…

  • Online Counselling

    Dementia: Caregiver Stress

    When a person is diagnosed with dementia, it is not just their life that changes but also the lives of those around them. This period of adjustment can cause a severe amount of distress on the caregiver if they are…

  • Dementia

    How does Dementia Progress?

    Dementia is a progressive disease, all types of dementia are progressive. A person’s ability to remember, communicate, understand, express, problem solve, and reason gradually declines. The speed at which it declines differs among people with dementia. There is no set…

  • A Social Dilemma
    Opinions,  Research

    The Social Dilemma (of Responsibility)

    The Social Dilemma, a docudrama directed by Jeff Orlowski talks about the grim realities of the virtual world – from constant tracking, invasion of privacy, to thousands of computers in empty basements and ships that are (now) out of our…

  • Psychometric Assessments

    The Thought Co. also offers a wide range of psychometric assessments to aid in understanding the client’s concerns better. Our psychologists are well-trained and accurate in their administration and interpretation of the tests and aim to provide comprehensive and self-explanatory…