• Online Counselling
    Dear Therapist

    Is Therapy Effective?

    Effective therapy is un-layering your emotional self, being able to feel comfortable with your emotions is reflective of progress in therapy. There are a few experiences you will have in therapy, with your psychologist, that are indicative of progress in…

  • Healing from a Break Up
    Dear Therapist,  Relationships

    Healing from a Break-Up

    A break-up is never easy, and I’m sorry you had to go through it. Break-ups often bring to surface a lot of confusing feelings from love, anger, loss, grief and hope. We often tend to replay the break-up and fond…

  • Parents in Denial
    Dear Therapist,  Depression

    Parents in Denial

    Hey! Dealing with a mental illness can be a lonely road, and at times we need the care and love of those closest to us. Depression weighs on us a like a foggy dark cloud, makes our daily functioning difficult…

  • Possessive Lover
    Dear Therapist,  Relationships

    Possessiveness vs Love

    Dear Restricted, I’m sure you and your partner have waited a long time to be together, and I’m certain living with him after all these years must feel different with it’s own share of highs and lows. Moving in with…

  • Therapist Fee
    Dear Therapist,  Therapy

    Therapy is Expensive during COVID-19!

    Hey! Therapy is a journey, and your therapist your co-passenger. A lot of people who go to therapy wonder about their therapist – What they do in their free time? How they cope with a stressful situation? What they think…

  • Laying on Couch Lockdown Fatigue
    Dear Therapist,  Infectious Disease

    Lockdown Fatigue

    Lockdown fatigue is real. The psychological distress one experiences due to the lockdown caused by covid-19 can have psychological effects. Here we have put together researched suggestions on how to manage and work through this fatigue. The most useful one…

  • Dear Therapist,  Self Help

    Getting out of Here

    Firstly, Congratulations on getting accepted into university overseas, I can see it was fruit of your hard work. I know it is disheartening that things have not gone according to your plan, and all of this derailment was out of…

  • Dear Therapist,  Infectious Disease,  Relationships

    Love in Lockdown

    Hey Falling in love is filled with soo many joys, it’s the butterflies in your stomach, staying awake day dreaming of the perosn and the excitement at the prospect of meeting them. Yes, things have not fallen in the “conventional”…