• Is Psychological Research Racist?
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    Can Psychology be Racist?

    Everyone is amused by Psychology! We’ve learnt our basics of human emotion, behaviour and cognition with the help of different researches and experiments done in this very subject. We’ve been told, time and time again, that we could apply these…

  • Bollywood Movies that try to portray Classism and Casteism in India
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    Is Fair Really Lovely?

    We’ve been brought up in an era that encouraged having light skin, that told us to stay out of the sun and scrub our faces every day so that we can avoid blemishes. When ‘Fair and Lovely’ decided to rename…

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    Moving Away from Punishments

    Through the COVID-19 crisis, most of us have adapted to new and unprecedented scenarios. We went from socialising, working and eating in three different places to doing all of them in one, and sometimes, doing them simultaneously. Multitasking has become…