• Sister, Mother, Mentor
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    Sister, Mother, Mentor

    As women, we have been trained to do everything house related since we were children. Whether that’s taking care of the household or serving the elders who sit at the dinner table, we are taught and then told to take…

  • WandaVision & Grief
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    WandaVision & Grief

    Spoilers ahead: Through the course of this post you might find a few spoilers about the Marvel show “WandaVision”. Classic old school sitcom humour mixed with Marvel Cinematic Universe magic gives us WandaVision, two super-powered beings going through ordinary American…

  • Hair Untamed

    Hair Untamed

    As someone who has curly hair, I’ve been told time and time again to “tame” it. At one point in my life, I was almost tired of listening to people exclaim “Oh my God! Look, a bird’s nest” and pointing…

  • This image contains a person whose torso is being scribbled on with a red marker as a sign of being "cancelled"
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    Cancelling Cancel Culture

    In today’s world, online activism has become a big part of our social media feeds and activity.. A part of online activism also means being responsible for the opinions and thoughts that we voice.. Social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit…

  • Money Matters in Mental Health
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    Money Matters in Mental Health

    We are living through unprecedented times, the effects of the pandemic are not only felt in the now but will also be felt for many years to come. COVID-19 reshaped our engagement with each other and ourselves. The past year…

  • A Social Dilemma
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    The Social Dilemma (of Responsibility)

    The Social Dilemma, a docudrama directed by Jeff Orlowski talks about the grim realities of the virtual world – from constant tracking, invasion of privacy, to thousands of computers in empty basements and ships that are (now) out of our…

  • Hysteria
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    “That Woman Is Crazy!”

    In the 19th century, hysteria was considered a diagnosable physical illness among women. The symptoms ranged from seizures, mood swings, anxiety, shortness of breath, pain, bizarre movements, hallucinations and inability to speak. The word hysteria, in itself, originates from a…