• Money Matters in Mental Health
    Opinions,  Research

    Money Matters in Mental Health

    We are living through unprecedented times, the effects of the pandemic are not only felt in the now but will also be felt for many years to come. COVID-19 reshaped our engagement with each other and ourselves. The past year…

  • The Mammoth aka Stress
    MH Tips,  Research,  Self Help

    The Mammoth (AKA Stress)

    Have you ever been stuck in traffic? Or been late for an appointment and are travelling by a really slow train? Or had a lot of things piled up to do in a really small timeframe? How have those times…

  • Infidelity in Lockdown
    Relationships,  Research

    Infidelity in Lockdown

    We went into lockdown with podcasts and articles about the changing nature of relationships. We saw changes at extreme ends of the spectrum, an increase in marriages and an increase in divorces. The uncertainty of life made people realize that…

  • A Social Dilemma
    Opinions,  Research

    The Social Dilemma (of Responsibility)

    The Social Dilemma, a docudrama directed by Jeff Orlowski talks about the grim realities of the virtual world – from constant tracking, invasion of privacy, to thousands of computers in empty basements and ships that are (now) out of our…

  • Pandemic Guilt
    Coping Strategies,  Infectious Disease,  Learning,  Research

    Pandemic Guilt

    Remember the lockdown? The two week vacation which turned into a year long ordeal? What we now call our ever changing “new normal”. Well right at the start of the lockdown, something catastrophic happened, something that would change the way…

  • Mental health in 2020
    Mental Health Awareness,  Research

    Mental Health in 2020

    We are hit by a virus whose prognosis was uncertain, and so we tested the resources we had to its limit. Global health emergencies like these affect the health, wellbeing and safety of both, communities (adversely affecting health care systems,…

  • Hysteria
    Opinions,  Research,  Women,  Womxn

    “That Woman Is Crazy!”

    In the 19th century, hysteria was considered a diagnosable physical illness among women. The symptoms ranged from seizures, mood swings, anxiety, shortness of breath, pain, bizarre movements, hallucinations and inability to speak. The word hysteria, in itself, originates from a…