Depression and Anxiety Counselling

Depression – Anxiety

Anxiety is a disorder characterised by a constant state of uneasiness and apprehension, often hindering physical and psychological functioning. Sometimes it can be about the future, about unfortunate events, or even inexplicable intrusive thoughts that are difficult to brush away.

Depression, on the other hand, is a mood disorder where a person feels sadness, disappointment, loneliness, self-doubt, guilt, changes in behavior, and sometimes also a weakened desire to live. Many people experience symptoms of anxiety or depression in their lifetime. They are a common response to adjusting to a new environment, intense stress, relationship conflicts, or grief and loss. There is not always an identifiable cause. Sometimes the symptoms disappear within a week or two. However, sometimes these symptoms are present for many months and have a significant impact on daily life.

The Thought Co. offers trained and compassionate therapists who are able to facilitate the client’s insight and growth through more fruitful and healthy channels than what might have been employed. Quite often, people don’t realize it is a problem until they experience negative consequences, which can include odd, unexplainable, and persistent symptoms. Often, many people think that their symptoms are the problem. But the symptoms aren’t the problem themselves. They are merely indications of an underlying concern. Anxiety and Depression become disorders when the symptoms and their consequences interfere with a normal lifestyle. That can cause great hardships, and it is helpful to have a trained professional to facilitate your therapeutic journey back to functioning pleasantly.

As debilitating as these disorders are, the good news is that they typically respond very well to treatment. In general, most anxiety disorders are treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), medication (from a licensed psychiatrist), or a combination of the two. However, the type of treatment used depends on the nature of the symptoms, the severity, and the decision is made after ascertaining which modality would work best with a particular client.

What to expect in your counselling session?

Rapport and trust are integral in your therapeutic journey. Your counsellor will spend the initial part of your therapeutic journey strengthening this, and creating a safe, affirming, and non-judgmental atmosphere for you. During this engagement, your counsellor will understand your current concerns, explore your world with your perspective, what causes your distress, set goals for therapy.

The therapist might also suggest some psychometric tests if there is a need. The Thought Co. is equipped with several psychometric tests and has psychologists who can interpret and report the findings to the client as well.
Once your therapist has gained an adequate understanding of your beliefs, attachment styles, present triggers, unresolved conflicts, unhealed trauma, and its impact- they will then begin to work, with your readiness, on letting go of any patterns that are harmful to your optimal functioning and good mental health.

During therapy, attention will be brought to factors like sensitivity, beliefs, unrealistic expectations, self-acceptance, and relationships which affect you in ways that are very unique to your experience and deserve their space.

Your counselor will help you to identify and add to your preexisting support system, and chart a course of action to tackle each of the conflicts that cause you distress, till you feel you have learned enough coping styles to not need assistance.

You may find noticeable changes after a few sessions where you would be able to identify triggers, deal with conflict effectively, and are able to break the cycle of negative thoughts or react to negative events effectively.
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