The most important aspect of ourselves is our identity, and a lot can be conflicted if the legitimacy of our identity is questioned. At The Thought Co. our psychologists are trained in Queer Affirmative Therapy in Face-to-Face as well as Online settings.
We understand the need to have well-informed and compassionate therapists who are able to view the social structures that affect certain people more than the others, and that it is important to operate from a sensitive and affirmative stance when it comes to providing counseling for the LGBTQI+ community.

Very often, we have noticed that individuals opt for counseling if they realise they might be Queer. Many are concerned about what it means for them, and can be very distressed with this revelation, while others may reach out for assistance in navigating the discrimination and the unique life stressors that exist simply because they are Queer. Sometimes, it is also the family member that accesses counseling to come to terms with their loved one coming out to them, and trying to understand it better.

During your journey with us, you will explore what it means to be Queer, identify beliefs and prejudices that you may have learned from the world that are hurtful to you or other Queer individuals around you, understand what your expression of your own identity is, build your strengths, set boundaries for your self, and learn conflict resolution skills.
NOTE: We at The Thought Co. do not support “Conversion Treatments” for members of the LGBTQI+ community under any circumstances. It is an extremely violent act which leaves individuals with severe trauma and compounded mental health challenges. A person’s sexual orientation or gender identity is not something that can be ‘fixed’ or ‘reoriented’.

What to expect in your counselling session?
• Rapport and trust are integral in your therapeutic journey. Your counsellor will spend the initial part of your therapeutic journey strengthening this, and creating a safe, affirming, and non-judgemental atmosphere for you. During this engagement your counsellor will understand your current concerns, explore your identity and what causes your distress, set goals for therapy.
• Once your counsellor has gained an adequate understanding of your beliefs, attachment styles, present triggers, unresolved conflicts, unhealed trauma and its impact- they will then begin to work, with your readiness, on letting go of internalised ideas of homonegativity or transnegativity.
• During therapy attention will be brought to factors like insecurity, sensitivity, rigid beliefs, unrealistic expectations, self-acceptance, and discrimination which affect you in ways that are very unique to your experience and deserve validation.
• Your counselor will help you to identify and add to your preexisting support system, and chart a course of action to tackle each of the conflicts that cause you distress, till you are secure and affirmed in your sense of self.
• You may find noticeable changes after a few sessions where you would be able to identify triggers, deal with conflict effectively and are able to break the cycle of negative self-concept and thoughts.
• The aim of your counselor is to validate you and empower you in your journey to find your true self, to express yourself without guilt, shame, fear, and to help you identify that there are inherent flaws in the structural mistreatment of the Queer community, not in your identity.

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