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Online Counselling

Online counselling now provides a number of holistic Recovery Choices. Online counselling is available to those who would like to utilize it. Online therapy overcomes hurdles that may preclude other people. By way of instance, people living in remote or rural regions where there are not any services may benefit from the availability of online counselling.

With unique constraints like distance, commute, availability of the right kind of mental health service in your city, and finding the right kind of mental health professional that fits your style and requirements- it can become hard to always find the perfect counsellor-client pairing for face-to-face sessions.

We understand that the need to have access to online psychological counselling. This need for a psychologist online has been compounded with the current pandemic and the lockdown that seems to have no end in sight. The Thought Co. offers online sessions, online Clinical Psychologist assessments, and online counselling through various video conferencing mediums like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet/Hangouts.

Online sessions have certain benefits over face-to-face sessions, like eliminating the stress of the commute, and a shorter time commitment to the sessions, but it also carries its own unique challenges like internet speed and connectivity and lack of non-verbal cues but we try our best to work around it.

What to expect in your online counselling session?

• Rapport and trust are integral in your therapeutic journey. Your counsellor will spend the initial part of your therapeutic journey strengthening this and creating a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere for you. During this engagement, your counsellor will understand your current concerns, explore your triggers, what causes your distress, and set goals for therapy.
• Once your counsellor has gained an adequate understanding of your goals from therapy, current stressors, support systems, patterns, and behaviours that you wish to change- the intervention will begin.
• During therapy attention will be brought to factors which contribute to your distress, which could be self-imposed, or internalised from the external world. Efforts will be made to help you navigate and understand these thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours. If needed, psychometric assessments would be recommended to aid in comprehending the situation completely and to see if a psychiatric intervention is also needed.
• You might find noticeable changes after a couple of sessions in Which You’d Have the Ability to identify Causes, deal with conflict effectively and Can break the cycle of Adverse self-concept and thoughts. At every point, the goals that will be worked on would be formed mutually, with your active participation.
• The aim of your counsellor is to empower you in your journey to understand yourself, to alleviate distress, maintain good mental health or improve your mental state.

If you like to book an appointment you can get in touch with us here.

At The Thought Co., we provide psychological help online. We understand the difficulty to find a psychologist online and thus our psychologist is trained in online counselling and is adaptive to the changing situation. These sessions are usually through a video conferencing system but if you have difficulty accessing one we also provide counselling over the phone by a psychologist.

Note: Given the constraints of any online system there may be some challenges. To work around these difficulties please ensure good internet connection and a disturbance-free space for your sessions.