Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

The one thread that connects us all is relationships. However, relationships are can be complicated and requires a lot of self-awareness and emotional regulation. At The Thought Co., our psychologist is trained in Relationship Counselling in Face-to-Face settings and Relationship Counselling Online.

We understand that “love can keep us together” but can also be a cause for severe turmoil in our life. Family bonds change, friends drift away, and secure relationships now begin to feel distant. A break down in communication, difficulty with trust, lack of quality time, or other conflicts end up breaking relationships and hearts.

Over the years, we have noticed that people often seek therapy once they have experienced a break-down in their relationship. A common request has been for breakup counselling, couples counselling, and marriage counselling. While we recommend individual counseling for these concerns online. Although our therapist are well trained in relationship work, we do not recommend you and your partner do joint sessions for online couples counseling or online marriage counseling; the in-person dynamic is most crucial for these therapeutic journeys which cannot be achieved online.

During your journey in relationship counselling you will explore ideas and patterns of relationships, identify met and unmet needs, understanding yours and your partner’s love language, managing expectations, identifying and implementing an effective communication style, setting boundaries, and conflict resolution skills.

What to expect in your relationship counselling session?

• Rapport and trust are integral in your therapeutic journey. Your relationship counsellor will spend the initial part of your therapeutic journey strengthening this and creating a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere for you. During this engagement, your relationship counsellor will understand your current concerns, explore the relationship in-depth, identify the areas of work, set goals for therapy.
• Once your relationship counsellor has gained an adequate understanding of your patterns, communication styles attachment styles, present triggers, unresolved conflicts, unhealed relational wounds, and its impact they will then began to work, with your readiness, on letting go of maladaptive ways of functioning. At this point, if needed, your relationship counsellor may either encourage the couple to seek individual therapy alongside couples therapy or focus only on either individual or couples therapy.
• During individual therapy personality factors like insecurity, anger outbursts, rigid beliefs, unrealistic expectations, inability to regulate emotions, possessiveness, controlling nature impact the interaction, or when a previous trauma continues to trigger us in the present and leads to dysfunctional attachment patterns.
• During couples counselling or family therapy- When two or more people’s communication patterns, belief systems, attachment styles, distress tolerance, needs, expectations, rigid and flexible, an imbalance between intimacy and autonomy, boundaries lead to destructive patterns of codependency, enmeshment, toxic relationships that hurt one or all involved.
• Your relationship counselor will help to chart a course of action and step by step take up each problem area of the relationship like controlling behaviour. personality clashes, lack of space, or autonomy, fair fighting, boundary setting and equip you with skills to resolve conflicts change perspectives, find a middle ground, or part amicably.
• You may find noticeable changes after a few sessions where you would be able to identify triggers, deal with conflict effectively, and are able to break the cycle of negative interactions.
• The aim of your relationship counselor is to empower you in your journey to build healthy relationships with the people you love.

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