Understand Counselling

There is no single answer for how counselling works. Counselling is a unique process that is tailor-made to your needs and goals. The one size fits all rule does not apply here. In your journey with your psychologist, you will uncover thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that are fundamental to you. Some of this may be helpful and some unhelpful, which you may desire to shed.

At The Thought Co. your psychologist goal in therapy is not to tell you right from wrong, make decisions for you, or be your fortune teller. As a psychologist, our goal is to go on a therapeutic journey with you as you uncover yourself and find ways to achieve your goals. As co-travellers we place a strong emphasis on your phenomenological reality and irreducible uniqueness. We focus on your experience and the meaning you give to it. This is to create a shift in your behaviour, emotions, and thoughts. This will result in a shift in your life and environment.

A common concern most of our clients come with is the confidentiality associated with counselling and therapy. Your journey with us at The Thought Co. is 100% confidential. Our team is compromised of Clinical Psychologist and Counselling Psychologist who have been trained to respect the sensitivity of your journey and maintain the confidentiality of it.

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